How Much Do Delivery Captains Charge? - FAQ

Hiring a captain to deliver a boat from one port to another is one of the most commonly requested services on BoatEasy. Boat owners are looking to bring their new boat home, or perhaps just use it in a different location. Whether you've just bought a boat or are looking to vacation on your boat somewhere else without the hassle of getting it there, this guide is for you. In it we will take a look at the rates delivery captains charge and what you can expect when hiring a captain to deliver your boat.

How Much Do Delivery Captains Charge?

Delivery captains will often charge boat owners based on a day rate, a per day fee for their services. This fee varies by captain, by location, and by boat however a general range for vessel deliveries is between $300 and $600 per day.

Other Fees Associated With Delivering a Boat

In addition to the captain's per day rate there are a number of other fees that as an owner you will be expected to cover. These include the following.

  • Transportation to the vessel for the captain and back home. The return trip will often include airfare.

  • Fuel for the delivery.

  • Any maintenance or safety gear the vessel needs done to make it seaworthy for the voyage. This is particularly common for new boats.

  • Crew. Many larger boats and yachts require more than one person to operate safely so a captain will often bring along either another captain or a mate to assist them.

  • Expenses for the trip. This includes marina fees, tips for dock hands, food and hotels for the captain and crew.

  • Insurance. Talk with your carrier to make sure the captain and his crew are covered. Alternatively some captains carry their own insurance for deliveries.

Adding it All Up.

Delivering a boat can be an intimidating undertaking for a new boat owner. Doing it yourself may present challenges you aren't quite ready to face and hiring a captain forces you to put a lot of trust in the person you're hiring. In addition it's expensive, both in terms of the per day fee and all the other expenses.

For many boat owners who have the time, coming aboard with the captain for the trip is a good option. However, since deliveries can sometimes take several days to a week not everyone has the time to tag along. Finding a captain you can trust for the delivery is extremely important so be sure to interview them regarding their expertise with your type of vessel and their familiarity with the waters that will be covered.

For more information on hiring a captain for your boat see our guide How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Boat Captain?

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