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How it works

How it works?

Meet other boaters, build your business, connect with customers. Whether you're building a new business in the marine industry, looking to reach more customers, or a boater trying to connect with other boaters near you, BoatEasy's platform can help. Join BoatEasy for free and start networking with boaters, business owners, and innovators in the boating industry today. 


Boat owners visit BoatEasy looking for help with things aboard their boat. Whether you offer a product or service, be sure to take the time to create a post that details what you offer and the areas you offer it in. While optional, including pictures of your product or service, a little about yourself, and any other relevant details will help make your post stand out. 

Let BoatEasy’s community of knowledgeable and experienced boaters and marine professionals take the hassle out of boating. Find someone near you to help keep your boat in tip-top shape and you out on the water enjoying it. 

Posting an Offering

BoatEasy's marketplace allows users to post offerings for just about anything boating related. Whether you need something done or you're looking to offer your services, there are a few things you can do to make your offering stand out. When it comes to posting an offering, pictures and details are everything. Provide a detailed description of what you are offering and what kind of experience you have. If you would like to provide several different things, that's great, just be sure to post them as separate offerings in their appropriate categories. You can include a link in one post to other posts you've made so users viewing one offering can see the full extent of your services. If you have a YouTube video of your product or service, feel free to embed it in your post as well.


Finding the right equipment for your boat can be difficult and expensive. BoatEasy's boater to boater rental service makes it easy by allowing members who share your passion to rent out their gear.  Put the money you save toward your next day on the water or if you have something you think other boaters would enjoy using, rent it out and make an extra buck while you're not using it.

Our Fee

At BoatEasy we charge a fee of 2% on all transactions handled through the site in order to help keep the site up and running. If you have any questions about our fee or how it works, just ask.

Posting Tips

Quality PhotosOne of the most important aspects of creating a high quality post is including photos of your product or service. Include photos relating to what you’re offering such as before and after pictures from a recent project or pictures of what you’re offering. We realize this can be difficult for some services but having several quality pictures helps customers get a better sense of what you’re offering and makes your post stand out from those without pictures. In addition to photos, if you have YouTube videos you can embed them directly in your post.

Clear and Readable DescriptionHaving a great description of your business is key. Your description doesn’t have to be long, what it does need to be is easily readable. Feel free to include details such as your location and the distance you’re willing to travel, availability, your experience, and any thing else you think is relevant. Be descriptive of the services you’re offering and give potential customers a reasonable idea of what your pricing is.

Creating VerificationAlready have a website or Facebook profile for your business? Great, you can include a link to it in your post on BoatEasy by copy and pasting it into your listing. Potential customers can then follow it in order to learn more about your business. BoatEasy also offers users the option to create a profile where you can provide a brief bio about yourself and your experience. Creating a profile, linking your post to your site or page, or doing both help establish trust with potential customers.

Offering Multiple ServicesWant to offer multiple services to boaters? Perfect! BoatEasy’s platform is designed to make it easy for users to search for a wide variety of services through categories. Creating a listing in the appropriate category makes it easy for users searching for a specific service to find it by searching by their location in that category. So for example if your business offer boat detailing as well as boat cleaning, you can create one listing in the boat detailing category and another within the appropriate boat cleaning category. Additionally, if you decide to offer multiple listings, you can include links to your other listings on BoatEasy in your posts allowing users to easily view your other offerings. 

Optimizing Your LocationBoatEasy's platform uses Google Maps for location data. Make sure the location you selected for your post is close to where you actually work. Someone searching for services by location will view results by distance from the location they searched for so it can help, especially if you are a mobile service provider, to choose a location close to where you usually work.

BoatEasy strives to cultivate a community of boaters dedicated to helping other members. Members are encouraged to sign-up using their Facebook accounts or fill out their profile so other members can put a face to who they're dealing with. Once a transaction is completed, share your experience with other members of BoatEasy by leaving a review. We are dedicated to building a strong community here at BoatEasy, and would love to hear your questions, ideas, or suggestions so feel free to contact us.

Be sure to share BoatEasy with your friends and fellow boaters and to visit our blog for helpful boating tips.