Information about BoatEasy

How it works

How it works?


Join BoatEasy today and connect with our community of boaters and marine professionals.  Anyone can join so go ahead, sign-up and join the community of boaters helping boaters, membership is free. After you've joined, take some time and fill out your profile in order to provide a little information about yourself to other members of the BoatEasy community.


Post an offering for any products or services that you'd like to offer to other boaters. Alternatively, post a request for what you’re looking for or browse through existing offerings to see if someone near you can give you a hand. Be sure to share BoatEasy with your friends and fellow boaters! 


Let BoatEasy’s community of knowledgeable and experienced boaters and marine professionals take the hassle out of boating. Find someone near you to help keep your boat in tip-top shape and you out on the water enjoying it. 

Posting an Offering 

BoatEasy's marketplace allows users to post offerings for just about anything boating related. Whether you need something done or you're looking to offer your services, there are a few things you can do to make your offering stand out. When it comes to posting an offering, pictures and details are everything. Provide a detailed description of what you are offering and what kind of experience you have. If you would like to provide several different things, that's great, just be sure to post them as separate offerings in their appropriate categories. You can include a link in one post to other posts you've made so users viewing one offering can see the full extent of your services. If you have a YouTube video of your product or service, feel free to embed it in your post as well.


Finding the right equipment for your boat can be difficult and expensive. BoatEasy's boater to boater rental service makes it easy by allowing members who share your passion to rent out their gear.  Put the money you save toward your next day on the water or if you have something you think other boaters would enjoy using, rent it out and make an extra buck while you're not using it.

Our Fee

At BoatEasy we charge a fee of 2% on all transactions handled through the site in order to help keep the site up and running. If you have any questions about our fee or how it works, just ask.

A Few Examples

David is a charter captain who recently joined BoatEasy. Through BoatEasy's platform David shares his charter service aboard his own boat. In addition he posted a separate offering for his services as a guide aboard client's boats. David also makes handcrafted fish rods which he sells to boaters all over the world through BoatEasy's marketplace.

Angela is an avid sailor and cruiser. She uses BoatEasy's platform to teach sailing lessons to new boat owners. Additionally she has a canvas and sail repair business and uses BoatEasy to connect with boaters near her who need her services. She also regularly uses BoatEasy to find help taking care of her own boat.

Nick is an avid fisherman and tournament mate. He uses BoatEasy to find boaters interested in his services as well as teach boaters new to his home waters the ins and outs of fishing there. Over the years, Nick has acquired an extensive fishing tackle collection, parts of which he occasionally rents to members of BoatEasy's community.

Katie is a new boat owner. She connected with Captain David for a few introductory trips on her new boat. David showed her the ins and outs of navigating local waters as well as a few fishing tips. As a new boat owner Katie joined BoatEasy to find a community of boaters who could help her out with all the little things she knows will come with boat ownership. Katie also happens to be an avid kayaker and has a collection of kayaks some of which she rents out to boaters near her for the day or weekend.

BoatEasy's platform provides opportunities to both boaters and marine professionals. Members are encouraged to be creative and share their passion for the water in new and creative ways. Many members of BoatEasy use the community both to find things they need for their own boat and contribute services, skills or products to other boaters. 


BoatEasy strives to cultivate a community of boaters dedicated to helping other members. Members are encouraged to sign-up using their Facebook accounts or fill out their profile so other members can put a face to who they're dealing with. Once a transaction is completed, share your experience with other members of BoatEasy by leaving a review. We are dedicated to building a strong community here at BoatEasy, and would love to hear your questions, ideas, or suggestions so feel free to contact us.

Be sure to share BoatEasy with your friends and fellow boaters and to visit our blog for helpful boating tips.