Find Local Boat Cleaning Services on BoatEasy

Find Local Boat Cleaning Services on BoatEasy

Regular boat cleanings are one of the most basic forms of preventative maintenance for boat owners. While many boaters choose to clean their boat themselves, sometimes you just need a hand. BoatEasy makes finding professionals near you that can handle all your boat cleaning needs simple.

Finding the Right Boat Cleaning Professional

Choosing the right boat cleaner for your needs can be difficult. Some of the factors you should consider are, do you need regular cleanings or just need one once, how large is your boat, is it kept in the water or on a trailer. Answering all of these will help you decide on what your needs are when it comes to hiring a boat cleaning company and help them provide you an accurate estimate of the time it will take and how much it will cost. Many companies that offer regular cleanings of your boat may charge a lower rate than a one time cleaning.

Understanding Boat Cleaning Rates

BoatEasy is an excellent resource for connecting with local boat cleaners and comparing rates for their services. As with any service for your boat you should ask for a quote from several different companies. And while all boats are different, in general boat cleaning is priced by the foot of vessel length. Be sure when asking for a quote or asking a boat cleaning company to come clean your boat you provide them as much information as possible.

Boat cleaning costs can vary significantly by location. Something to keep in mind is the accessibility of your boat, for instance some marinas charge service providers a flat fee to work on boats at the marina, which will be added on to your cost. Additionally the depth of cleaning required can affect the rate significantly as well. A relatively clean boat needing a washdown after use is going to be a lot cheaper to clean than a boat that has sit for quite some time. Generally quotes for cleaning a boat in decent condition run in the $3 per foot range.

Tips for Finding the Right Boat Cleaning Service for Your Boat

  • Give as much detail as possible about your boat so that service providers can offer an accurate quote.

  • Understand what you are paying for and are not paying for. A cleaning is just that, usually a washdown with soap and water to remove any accumulated dirt and grime. It is not a detailing which is more thorough and more expensive.

  • Ask for pictures of previous jobs and their experience with boats like yours.

  • If you are not planning to be present while your boat is cleaned, be sure to ask for before and after pictures of the job.

  • If cleaning your boat regularly isn't for you, ask if the company you are hiring offers a regular boat cleaning plan.

Boat Cleaning Services by Location

Finding the right boat cleaning service for your needs is easy with BoatEasy. There are several ways boaters can connect with businesses near them that offer boat cleaning services. The easiest method is to simply use the search bar at the top of the site, simply enter your location and what you want done and voila, a list of boat cleaning service providers near you will be shown. Alternatively our map view makes finding services by location simple too! Alternatively, you can click on the link for your area below and use that to find a boat cleaner near you.

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