Sailorman New & Used Marine

Well, what can we say... There’s nowhere like it! You’ll have heard of us probably through word of mouth and curiosity will send you our way. Enter you will, and first thing you’ll notice (after the sizzling temperatures and dust) is the serious stimulation to your senses. Piles of nautical treasure and random knick-knacks pave your path of discovery. The employees are a bit unconventional and quirky--a motley crew but they make you feel at home. Not your typical store rules, sometimes they offer you a friendly cold beverage (free of course) just because it's been a long day and they want to go home at 6 sharp--work/life balance ya know. Second thing they'll offer is some bug spray because there's a mosquito or two roaming about. "They're not really trying to be unique ... they just can't help it." Amidst the heaps of random fun junk for sale, it’s actually pretty exciting! They have it all! From the old discontinued stuff that can’t be found at the clean air-conditioned chains to the newest marine novelties! Eyes light up if we can have a bit of fun helping you solve some boat-related problem that we've had in the past or heard resolved from another customer. If we don’t have what you seek, have just a little patience and we can and will find it for ya! And with prices that’ll keep you coming back for more! We’ve certainly earned our title: "It's not just a store, it's an adventure.

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