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Find a Mobile Marine Mechanic Near You

Finding the right marine mechanic for your boat can be difficult, that's why we built BoatEasy. Our platform connects boat owners with local professionals that can assist them with all their boat's needs. So whether your boat needs regular maintenance or has an issue you, BoatEasy is here to help you find the right person to get you back on the water.

Tips for Choosing a Marine Mechanic

Not all marine mechanics are the same, some specialize in outboards, some marine diesel engine repair, and others on jetskis and other specialized watercraft. Rates, location, availability, and the types of engines they service all play a role so it's important to choose a mechanic that best fits your boat's needs and your budget.

Perhaps the most important factor is finding a mechanic that specializes in working on engines like yours. Many marine mechanics receive extensive training from engine manufacturers and specialize in servicing a specific brand's engines. While they may be able to help with minor maintenance and repairs on other engines, it's best to find a mechanic that is trained to work on your engine, especially if it is still under warranty and needs repairs done.

Ask their hourly rate and how long they expect the work you need done to take. Most mechanics charge by the hour so while troubleshooting an engine can take a significant amount of time, it's a good idea to ask your mechanic to give a rough estimate of how long they expect the work to take. A good mechanic should be able to give you an estimate of how long they think the work you need done will take and what it will cost.

Finding a Mobile Marine Mechanic

For boats kept in the water, utilizing a mobile marine mechanic can be the best option. Many mechanics offer mobile services where they will come to your boat and work on it. While convenient, this often comes at a premium with mechanics usually charging a service fee in addition to their hourly rate to cover travel time and expenses. If you do decide to hire a mobile marine mechanic, be sure to verify that your marina will allow them access to your boat and allow them to work on it.

Using BoatEasy to Find a Mechanic For Your Boat

BoatEasy makes connecting with professionals offering services to boaters easy. Simply use the search bar at the top of the page and enter what you are looking for, in this case a marine mechanic for your boat, and your location. A list of mechanics near you will appear sorted by distance. For more precise results enter a more accurate location such as an address or a zip code. Mechanics that appear first will be those closest to you. Alternatively you can use BoatEasy's map view to find local marine mechanics in your area.

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