Armus Hull Pro

Armus Marine is excited to introduce Hull Pro, a state-of-the-art protective coating for GRP and aluminium hull surfaces, marking its debut in the boating industry.

Engineered for maximum performance, Hull Pro offers a blend of durability and environmental responsibility.

Innovative and eco-friendly technology

Hull Pro is a clear, silicone epoxy coating. Unlike traditional boat paints, it contains no harmful biocides, making it an eco-friendly choice that doesn't sacrifice performance. The hard coating is proving popular in regions where marinas are investigating banning anti-foul craft, due to pollutants contaminating the local waters.

Enhanced boat performance and protection

Hull Pro's ultra-smooth fouling-release system is specifically designed for both saltwater and freshwater vessels. Its superior formulation reduces hull drag, increasing speed by up to 15% and fuel efficiency by up to 10%. This performance boost is complemented by Hull Pro's remarkable durability. It won't chip or fade, ensuring lasting protection against the elements, including a significant 85% UV reflectivity rate to prevent yellowing.

Cost-effective and easy maintenance

A key advantage of Hull Pro is its ease of maintenance. While marine growth may still occur, the coating's slick surface allows for simple cleaning methods without harsh chemicals, thus for the right application Hull Pro is the perfect replacement to anti-fouled craft. Recommended cleaning intervals vary from 3-6 weeks, depending on water conditions. Power washing removes stubborn growth, preserving the coating's integrity.

Preserving vessel value

Hull Pro not only enhances performance but also maintains the vessel's aesthetic appeal and structural integrity, significantly boosting its resale value. With proper care, the coating provides years of protection without the need for reapplication.

Tailored to vessel needs

Available in various kit sizes, Hull Pro offers coverage options suitable for a range of vessels. The 17oz kit covers approximately 15 linear feet, while the 32oz option extends to about 23 linear feet, making it ideal for boats of various sizes. Multiple kits can be supplied for larger craft.

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