Find Local Boat Bottom Cleaning Services on BoatEasy

Find Local Boat Bottom Cleaning Services on BoatEasy

BoatEasy makes finding the right boat bottom cleaning service for your boat easy. Simply use the search bar above and type in what you are looking for, in this case hull cleaning for your boat, and your location and a list of divers that offer their services to boaters in your area will appear. Results appear by distance so divers that are closest to the location you specified will appear first.

Hiring The Right Diver For Your Boat

Many factors go into choosing the right diver to service your boat's hull. Price, location, condition of your boat, and frequency of cleaning needed all come into play. The best way to find the right diver for your boat is to reach out to divers in your area and provide them a description of your boat and its condition. Contacting divers that offer hull cleaning services near you is easy, simply click on their posting on BoatEasy and send them a message. Once they reply you should have an idea of rates and availability and can continue the conversation to find the right diver for your boat's needs.

How much does it cost to clean the bottom of a boat?

BoatEasy is a great resource for comparing rates when choosing a diver for your boat. It's important to realize though that the rates posted are dependent on several factors, the most important of which is the condition of your hull. Boat hulls that have been regularly cleaned are usually between $2 and $3 per foot, whereas hulls that have missed a few cleanings will usually be priced based on the time it takes to clean them. Rates vary by location so be sure to look at the rates divers in your area are charging and not rates charged by divers elsewhere in the country.

Helpful Tips for Hiring a Boat Bottom Cleaning Service

  • Ask if your diver services other boats in your marina or near you. Conditions can vary by marina so having a diver familiar with your location is best.

  • Ask for pictures or video upon completion. This is a good way to insure that the service was carried out as stated and assess for yourself the condition of your boat's hull, bottom paint, and marine growth.

  • Monitor zinc anodes and replace as needed.

  • Repaint your boat's bottom paint as needed. Your hull cleaning service should keep you up to date on the condition of your boat's bottom paint and will advise when repainting your hull with a fresh coat of antifouling paint is necessary.

  • Choose regularly scheduled bottom cleanings for your boat. A lot of boaters think they can save money by postponing bottom cleaning and skipping regular services. The reality is that the more marine growth that accumulates on your, the harder it is to clean meaning cleanings will take more time and cost more.

Hull Cleaning Services By Location

To find local hull cleaning services, use the search bar above. Alternatively, BoatEasy's map view is also available which shows hull cleaning services by location. Either way works and will make reaching divers near you easy!

Below are helpful links to boat bottom cleaning service providers across the US.

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