HullSurvivor Emergency Hull Seal - 10 Inch Diameter

HullSurvivor Emergency Hull Seal by Serene Bay Marine Keep Aboard for Emergency Leaks on Any Boat HullSurvivorTM is a soft yet firm seal designed to fully cover the irregular shape of a hull breach. Different than bungs or plugs, HullSurvivorTM covers a round or irregular breach to slow or stop the leak. Using water pressure to keep it in place, HullSurvivorTM keeps the sea on the right side of your vessel! - HullSurvivorTM is a flexible but firm, disk shaped patch designed to conform to the unpredictable shapes of most hull breaches. - Designed as a circular disk with concentric sealing rings and center trunion. - Specifically designed to cover irregular shapes, HullSurvivorTM effectively reduces or eliminates most incoming water flow. - Whether it is a round hole caused by mechanical failure or an elongated tear due to impact, HullSurvivorTM covers the leak. - A modern alternative to old-school wooden bung plugs. - Keep HullSurvivorTM aboard for emergency leaks on any boat. - Include it with your emergency kit. - HullSurvivorTM is a temporary fix for an emergency situation. It is not guaranteed to stop all water leaks. It is designed to be used alone or in conjunction with other emergency equipment, including bilge pumps, to significantly reduce the inflow of water after a hull breach. - HullSurvivorTM is not intended to be used to stop fuel leaks. - Designed by Serene Bay Marine and Manufactured in the USA Deploying the HullSurvivorTM: - From inside the vessel, HullSurvivorTM is rolled by hand and inserted through the breach and pulled back against the outside of the hull with a piece of wire or cord attached to the trunion, stopping or reducing the inward flow of water as the disk returns to its original shape and is held tight to the breach by the pressure of the water against the hull. - From outside the vessel, HullSurvivorTM is simply placed over the hole, stopping or reducing the inward flow of water

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