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Mobile Boat Detailing Made Easy

Proper maintenance of your boat is essential to keep it looking beautiful and running great and part of properly caring for your boat involves regular detailing. Detailing services clean and protect your hull sides and deck, preventing oxidation and limiting wear on exposed surfaces.

Depending on where you live, hauling your boat to a service center to have it detailed may not be the easiest option for you. If that is the case, a mobile boat detailing service may be your solution. In this article we will take a look at one of the most popular services offered on BoatEasy mobile boat detailing and how it can help keep your boat looking great.

What Does Boat Detailing Involve?

Service from a professional boat detailer includes thorough cleaning, gel-coat restoration, waxing, and more. Detailing keeps your boat looking great and prevents damage to its surface and finish. During detailing, professionals apply a protective coating that helps protect your boat from potentially damaging UV rays as well as salt water and any other chemicals it may encounter.

Professional boat detailing services will also examine and clean other components on your boat, including the teak or other wood aboard, canvas, and the interior cabin if need be.

What Is Mobile Boat Detailing?

Mobile boat detailing services bring their services to your boat instead of you needing to take your boat to a service center. When your boat is detailed by a mobile service you don’t have the hassle of transporting your boat to the location of the business. Often, mobile boat detailer will even be able to come and attend to your boat while you're not there. When you hire a mobile boat detailing service, you will get everything you get from a traditional boat detailing service without the hassle of needing to transport your boat to them. And, there's no need to worry if there isn’t a local boat detailing service near you.

If you have any friends or neighbors in the area with boats and they agree to service on the same day, many mobile boat detailing services will offer a discount if you book together. This can be a great way to save a little money and have everyone in the neighborhood's boat looking great.

A mobile boat detailing service will travel to wherever your boat is stored, whether that is your home, a storage facility or a marina. Boat detailing professionals will attend to every part of your boat individually. Understanding how to do this is a crucial part of a professional detailer's expertise, and it’s one reason why it’s better to have your boat detailed professionally rather than trying to do it yourself.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Mobile Boat Detailer

Like with any service for your boat, setting clear goals and expectations before the service takes place is important.

  • Ask for a detailed quote. Prices vary since every hull is different in terms of size and condition, but an accurate quote before service is a great starting point.

  • Ask for references. Professionals, whether mobile boat detailers, or anyone else, should be able to provide references of other boaters that are happy with their services.

  • Explain what you want done. This is particularly important with detailing since it encompasses a wide range of services from cleaning/waxing to an in-depth gelcoat restoration process.

  • Make sure they have the right boat. This may sound obvious but you'd be surprised. If your boat is at a storage facility or marina with a lot of other boats, be sure to provide a detailed description of it and its exact location.

  • Make sure they have access. Especially important for mobile boat detailing services that will often show up at your boat while you're not there to detail it. Providing access to your boat with a dock master or facility manager is important.

What Does Mobile Boat Detailing Cost?

Boat detailing services range in price with many providers charging based on the length of your boat. Prices in the $15 to $30 per foot range are common. Ask for a quote before hand and ask exactly what services they are providing for that price.

Many detailers offer a range of services depending on the condition of your vessel and what else may need detailing other than the hull. A boat that is regularly detailed will be cheaper to have detailed than one that hasn't been serviced in several years. A mobile detailer may add a service fee for travel to your location - as we mentioned earlier discounts for multiple boats in one area are common if you have friends or neighbors that also need service.

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