Slow Pitch Jigging Lures - 4Pc Set 160g

Weight: 160g/5.65oz

Length: 6in/15.25cm

Hook: 5/0 on 300lb short style assist cord

The new style Dart slow pitch jig is a hybrid jig designed for fishermen that want to maximize their chances of connecting with big fish. The Dart's asymmetric design offers a slow, leaflike action on the fall that produces an irresistible wobble with an erratic darting action that fish can't pass up as it sinks through the strike zone. On the retrieve, the Dart's elongated body allows for a fast-jerk style jigging retrieve that is sure to elicit a strike from anything in the area. Tempting action on both the fall and retrieve coupled with highly reflective sides and a glow stripe pattern designed to mimic the stripes found on many juvenile pelagic fish make the Dart an irresistible offering and the perfect jig for slow pitch jigging.

All jigs come with a single 5/0 short cord assist hook on 300lb assist cord sized and designed to eliminate tangles on the jig body and line.

Available Colors

The white stripe on all jig colors is luminescent and glows at night and in low light conditions

Weehoo: Designed to mimic juvenile wahoo, flying fish, and other small immature baitfish inhabiting pelagic regions the blue and white stripes of this jig are impossible to miss and the glow is sure to attract attention at night.

MadMahi: Much like the weehoo, the MadMahi mimics an immature Mahi Mahi (Dolphinfish) with a highly reflective green/silver/blue pattern.

Silver Zebra: Highly reflective silver pearl finish will attract the attention of any fish in the area.

Pink Zebra: A highly reflective pink finish, particularly irresistible to many bottom dwelling species.

Happy to answer any questions regarding the jigs or slow pitch jigging!

Local Pickup Available in Miami

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